3 Top Reasons to Own a Movie Server

Do you have a large DVD movie collection and are running out of storage options? An easy solution is to purchase a movie server for your home. This is a system that can organize and catalog your DVD’s in a user-friendly onscreen interface that is usually housed in an integrated server and player in one. This device offers enough space to store hundreds and hundreds of shows and can eliminate the amount of space in your living room entertainment center for wasted storage. While there are many reasons to own a movie server system, these top three reasons will probably sway even the less techy families consider owning a this space and time saving device.

Amount of Storage

As previously mentioned, a unit such as one of these can reduce the amount of storage space you have dedicated in your entertainment center simply due to the fact that it eliminates all of those DVD cases. No matter the format, this unit can store crisp copies of your Blu-Ray Discs, DVD’s and CD’s. You can continue to add disk cartridges to your system as you fill them and once that is full, you can add additional servers. Never run out of space for your DVD collection again.

Available in any Room

One of the best reasons to own a cinema storage unit such as these is the fact that you can watch any show at any time from any room in your house. This is especially important if you have children who have a favorite show that they would like to watch but as a parent, you have seen the same one so many times that you have all of the lines memorized and might lose your mind if you have to sit through this show one more time. In this instance, you can watch your own cinema magic in another room in the house at the same time your children are watching their favorite show, all from the convenience of one of these storage units, without the need for multiple DVD players throughout your house. In the end, this ability alone will save you and your family money.

Speedy and Reliable

With such a system, you can usually purchase a speed reader for bulk loading large numbers of your DVDs and CDs onto the system. A speed reader uses two DVD/CD-ROM drives to import approximately six DVDs or sixteen CDs per hour. This is a huge time saver when compared to having to copy each of your DVDs or CDs individually to your personal computer. In addition, although many cinematography features are available to be viewed through your internet connection, this can be an unreliable method for watching your movies. Further, some companies now limit the number of shows you can watch per month while others simply have slow processing servers or times of high traffic that cause them to play with too many interruptions.

A system such as this is an excellent choice for cinema-buffs, those with large DVD and/or CD collections and families, especially those with young children. For those with limited space, a movie server is an excellent way to decrease clutter and discover additional storage space.