5 Ways To Get Even More Out Of Family Movies

When you want to plan a night of entertainment for the whole family, chances are good that you will consider some family movies as an option, and for good reason. A night of indulging in a few films can be a memorable and satisfactory evening for each family member, from young to old. The evening can be made even better if you do just a few things to enhance the experience. Take a look at the following suggestions for making the most of your family get-together:

1. Choose the movie together over ice cream.

The evening will go a lot more smoothly if each family member feels as if he or she has a say in how the date progresses. To get the most mileage out of the family movies, select a special afternoon or evening to either have ice cream sundaes at home, or opt to go to an ice cream shop. While enjoying your special treat, discuss possible options for the title of your next movie. Give each person the option to name a movie he would wish to see and don’t discredit it automatically. Including every person in your family in the decision-making process can make things more fun and make each child feel important.

2. Make a game out of the viewing experience.

By planning ahead of time, your cinematic encounter can be an active event if you strategize a game out of the experience. For instance, you could choose a special word and have each person tally the times they hear the word in the movie. Or you could orchestrate a family charade night based on the movie theme. The possibilities are endless, and more people find that they engage in a movie if they have a task at hand, connected to the film.

3. Find a theater that serves dinner.

For family movies, finding a movie theater that serves food is a huge plus. Generally, taking a family out to see a movie can be an expensive trip. Adding in a meal for each member before or after the film can easily double your expense. Locating a theater that serves both dinner and films can often be both convenient and less expensive. Look for discounts and deals for family night, as well. Extra bonus points go to the theater that offers craft brews for the adults in the family.

4. Do a movie night at home.

Who said you had to go out to have a great night? Rent a movie for a movie night in, and allow each child to choose a special treat. Set up a tent in which the kids can stay while watching the film. Pause the film for special intermissions, and don’t forget to bring out the blankets, pillows and even sleeping bags. Children don’t need a fancy night out to make memories that will last through their adult years.

5. Find a drive-in movie theater.

Talk about a blast from the past, but many drive-in movie theaters offer family movies often. These are novel experiences that your children will cherish for years to come. Just make sure each family member can see from their spot in the vehicle.