An Overview Of The Use Of Headphones

Headphones are a pair of speakers worn over both ears. They are excellent for those who want to listen to audio in privacy or without disturbing others. The sound experience offered by wearing this device is often superior than the sound transmitted through normal room speakers. Apart from this, they have the advantage that they can produce quality sound without the need of a cluttered setup.

They are used in conjunction with all sorts of audio-producing devices such as televisions and home theater systems, CD and MP3 players and mobile phones. Thus a headphone set can be used both with fixed devices as well as with portable ones.

Today most people use cordless types rather than the traditional wired kind. Sound travels from the device to the set through the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication. On the other hand, a wired set makes use of a 3.5mm connector and socket although one can still find 6.35mm devices available. Buying an adapter will let you switch from one size to another.

There are many occasions where headphones are used. They can be used in a professional situation, such as in a disc jockey position. A gamer will need a set of gaming headphones. Whatever the reason, one can find many different brands on the market. A tour leader will find Sennheiser headphones excellent for the occasion while gamers might find Turtle Beach headphones more suitable for their needs. If one wants a brand which relies on cordless transmission, Plantronics would be an excellent candidate.

As mentioned earlier, the way in which they will be used, determines a more specific type of set. There exist a variety of sets to meet all the possible different needs one can have. The type of set that will be used with a home theater system will be different from one which is attached to an portable CD or MP3 player. The latter needs to be much more portable than a set used in conjunction with a home theater system. Usually when one buys a portable audio device or a mobile phone, one finds a pair of ear buds included. In-ear headphones, as they are sometimes called, are inserted into the ear canal.

The type of headphone set which totally covers both ears is known as a circumaural set. They are also commonly referred to as full-sized sets due to their relatively large high-density pads which are ideal for subduing outside noise. This makes them the perfect choice for a quality sound experience especially if it involves a good bass level.

Supra-aural sets are smaller than circumaural ones although they consist of pads which are placed over the ears. Since they do not completely cover the ears they offer less noise reduction than their counterparts but their size makes them much more portable. Supra-aural sets are generally cheaper than full-sized sets.

The need for integrating voice input together with output has made headsets possible. They offer the same features of a full-sized or supra-aural set with the added recording feature. The headset has two cables which are inserted into the speaker and microphone socket respectively. They are the perfect choice for people working in the telecommunications sector as they relieve the stress that results from holding the telephone close to the ear for a long time.