Everything That You Need to Know About Overhead Projectors

Though computer based projectors are the most popular types of projectors, they still can be very expensive. This simply means that it still is no match for overhead projectors. Bringing out the beauty of overhead projectors would depend if the user knows how to effectively use and manage it.

Benefits of the Overhead Projectors

Overhead projectors have a lot of different advantages that would definitely outdo other visual aids. For example, lecturers can make use of a projector the same way as they could use blackboard. But the biggest benefit that you can get from it would be for you to be able to keep an eye on your class while lecturing.

As a teacher, being able to keep an eye to keep an eye on your students is very essential in both expository and facilitative teaching. It also serves as a means of outward way of non-verbal conversation for the lecturer and a means of receiving comments from the students about how bad or good the session is.

Another essential advantage that overhead projectors have over traditional blackboards is that it can be used for different purposes and it can be used to show off pre-prepared contents. This allows lecturers and teachers to build diagrams, tables, notes and other materials. All of these can be present repeatedly at anytime.

If overhead projectors are designed and installed properly, it can give all the cues and aids that are essential during any presentations. This would also eliminate the need for you to manually take notes. Overhead transparencies are also very compact and very convenient to carry with compared to other types of visual aids such as charts where it can easily get crumpled and damaged.

Overhead projectors also have another notable advantage over other visual aids. And that is it does require not require your room to be dark, which will allow students to take notes without any problem. It can be used in any environment as long as it is not hit with direct sunlight or extreme bright lights.

They are also very easy to use, clean, and quiet and needs no technical skills or knowledge for a user to operate it.

Weaknesses of the Overhead Projectors

Some drawbacks of projectors would include the fact that it needs constant electric supply and would need a while flat surface so the images could be projected. Another notable disadvantage of this is if the surface is not correctly inclined at the correct angle, your images will suffer from keystoning.

Unlike traditional blackboards and whiteboards, overhead projectors would need some maintenance. These are likely to break and crack, so you should always be very careful at handling it and at least keep a spare bulb. Another disadvantage of projectors is that some lecturers would find the glare coming from the projector to be bothersome.

Aside from the mentioned disadvantages, another disadvantage of overhead projectors is that if the users do not pay close attention to their material, they may look very untidy when presented. It may be hard for the audience to read the texts that is presented on the projector.

Overhead projectors can be very heavy and bulky which makes it very inconvenient to travel with. Contents from books also cannot be displayed effectively without making any modifications since they may tend to be unreadable. Lastly, the bulbs of projectors would cost you a big amount of money if you want to replace it. A bulb would normally you cost around $150 to $400 a piece.

Knowing all of the mentioned advantage and disadvantages would be very helpful especially if you’re considering get yourself a projector that you can use in the office or a classroom.