Headed Out To The Movies? Try These Alternatives To The Usual Theater Experience

When it is time to plan your Friday night entertainment, you may find yourself reaching for the familiar movie-going ticket. But if you find yourself in an entertainment rut, you may be searching for alternatives to the usual theater experience. Passively staring at a movie screen can be a relaxing ritual, but it can also be boring. If you are looking for something to take your movie trips to the next level, then consider the following alternatives:

Real Live Theater

Movies on the big screen is a familiar and well-loved pastime for many Americans. But if you are searching for something a little more exciting and out of the ordinary, then take a look at some live entertainment spots. These can include playhouses where local actors stage plays or even larger, more well-known actors display their realtime acting skills.

Do not rule out symphonies and ballets as live action performances, even if you feel this is not something you would enjoy. You may surprise yourself with a new experience that you enjoy. Live performances offer a new dimension that a recorded film does not. These live performances may be more expensive, but they can really present as fantastic alternatives to the usual theater experience.

3D Films

The 3D, or three-dimensional movies, are really popular at the moment, as well they should be. By placing special three- dimensional glasses on your face, you are able to see a movie with greater depth. This can create an adventurous atmosphere, as movie-goers feel that they personally participating in the films, instead of sitting passively. You may certainly purchase your own three-dimensional eyewear, but movie theaters that specialize in these types of films generally supply the glasses for the participants. Additionally, some movies are created specifically for a 3D experience. These movies are often adventure films with breathtaking scenery. Definitely give this a shot if you are looking for a more engaging experience.

Movies and Brews

For those of legal drinking age, movie theaters that offer craft beer can be a really fun and interesting experience. There are a few movie theaters that offer both food and drink to enhance the viewing of a film. Craft beers seems to offer a more innovative and fun experience, particularly if a movie falls within a certain genre that lends itself well to a particular theme that can be adhered to through a culinary menu.

Movie theaters that host breweries on site are rare, but interesting attractions. With the ability to order new and innovative brews while watching a movie, many people feel more cultured. These brewery combinations are great alternatives to the usual theater experience.

Movie Parties!

This can be a more expensive alternative to the usual theater experience, but if you have a great group of friends, you may consider renting out a movie theater for a party. When several different people chip in, the cost is more reasonable. Plus, a party at a theater can be a lot of fun and offer more control over film choices, including the option to eat and drink while watching.