How To Decide If An Action Movie Is Appropriate For Your Child

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is getting the best education possible and learning things at a pace that is appropriate for him or her, all while blending in well with other same-aged children. That is why it can be very difficult knowing when to allow your child to see certain action movies. Most of us have been there when a child is begging to see a new release because all of his friends have already been to the theater. Consider the following suggestions and tips to help you decide whether he is ready to see that particular movie:

Check online review sites.

Thanks to the Internet today, there are a few online websites devoted completely to reviewing movies for the benefit of parents. These review pages are written primarily for parents and detail what type of language and scenes are within a movie. They typically document any troublesome scenes and themes and some are even written by other parents. These sites can be an invaluable resource when determining whether certain action movies are appropriate.

Discuss movies with like-minded parents.

This can be a bit trickier to navigate, as no one parents exactly alike. And what one parent may deem appropriate for his child, another may feel completely aghast. With that thought in mind, it isn’t entirely wise to discount the thoughts of other parents. The trick is to find another parent whose philosophy and parenting style closely aligns with yours. It is easier to decide whether something falls in line with your beliefs if you have someone you respect and agree with sharing their opinion, as well.

Don’t be afraid to delay a movie-viewing experience.

If you are uncertain as to whether current-playing action movies are suitable for your kids, then wait before making a decision. Check out the reviews online, as well as any and all trailers. If you have an opportunity to see the movie, then do so. If you are on the fence about a movie, then make time and view the film with your child. Do not be scared to leave the theater with your child, if you feel it is necessary. But viewing a movie together can allow you to discuss the moments that you felt were too mature for your child. Additionally, making the time to see a movie with your child can be a great bonding experience for you both. It is also easier to explain negative values and the problems therewith if you are attending and seeing the same film.

Pay attention to ratings, of course.

Finally, each movie should detail the reasons of why a rating was given. These can include nudity, language use, drug use, and thematic elements in general. Decide which headings are deal breakers. Understand you can always discuss less offending subjects with your child, and it may be an excellent teaching moment.

The key to parenting a child who wants to see action movies is to become involved. Research the potential films and discuss the issues with the child. In the end, you are a parent trying to do what is right, so rely on your gut feelings. Chances are, you will be right.