How to Test Your TV

TV with No Power or Dead

First, take note of the normal light functions on the front of the set. Is it on? Is it the same color? Is the light blinking?

If you have no lights at all on the front and hear no clicks when you press the power button, this usually means either the set is getting no power or the main fuse in the power supply is bad. But in some cases some of the newer style TV s have a “vacation switch”, this is a switch that completely removes power from the TV for long periods of non-use. These switches are usually located on the bottom edge or back of some flat screen sets (LCD or Plasma TV s). Look in your owners manual to see if your TV is equipped with this feature or look very closely for a small rocker type switch (they are usually made to blend in with the case and are hard to see).

A blinking light can be an indication of an internal failure of the set. Take note of how many times and how fast the light blinks. Many TV s will use a two digit trouble code made up of a light blinking fast, then blinking slower. (A Mitsubishi code is usually the same speed blink once pause blink twice–12 code) This code will tell a Television repair Tech what is happening with the set, but you will want to write this down BEFORE unplugging the TV because sometimes the code is erased.

So now you have taken note of all the lights or no lights. Unplug the TV s power cord from the wall outlet or power strip. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 minutes. Many times a quick brown out will cause the TV to “lock up”. Unplugging for 30 minutes will reset the microprocessor in the set which can return it to normal operation. I will say it again, just because it happens so often, unplug the TV and LEAVE it unplugged for 30 minutes, 30 seconds will not reset the TV.

Another common occurrence with TV ‘s with buttons on the set is a button gets stuck. A stuck button will lock up the internal communication lines in the TV and will not let it turn on. Go to the set (not the remote) and press each of the buttons a few times(leave the power button for last), taking note of any that do not “feel” like the others. Not feeling the same can indicate a button beginning to fail. If the power didn’t come on after pushing the power button, try unplugging the set again for just a moment and try again.

Last step for power issues. Make sure that the outlet you are using is good, just last week I went out to someone’s house to find that a wall outlet was loose. With power strips and surge suppressors don’t assume because other devices plugged into other outlets are working, that they all work. Look for a plug from a working device, unplug that device and plug in the TV s plug into that socket. Also remember the plug going into the TV set itself. Many newer style TV s have a power plug that plugs into the back of the TV.