How To Watch A Movie While Enjoying A Meal (Even When You’ve Never Done It Before)

Going to the movies has been nothing more than a basic experience for quite some time, filled with basic food fare being nothing to write home about at all. Luckily, the movie-going world has steadily been changing for the better in recent years, allowing the public the chance to not only watch a movie but also watch a movie while enjoying a meal.

It seems strange to think that having a meal at a movie theater can be a thing, but rest assured, it is quite the thing and a very unique experience. Moreover, new dine-in theaters and movie houses offering this new idea are going all in, filling their menus with gourmet food fit for a public with a more refined palate looking for more than just popcorn, candy, and soda.

The question that comes up most often is, “How can you actually enjoy watching a movie while a dining experience is taking place at the same time?” There is some legitimacy to this as many would argue that you might unable to actually pay attention to the movie. However, this is more of a ‘purist’ approach to watching a movie, and the idea of a dine-in theater on another level.

One way to assure you’ll enjoy eating while watching a movie includes a little input from our home lives. When we sit down to watch something at home, we often work with snacks, bite-size food that may only require one hand to eat. The same applies to dine-in options. Work has been done to find the right mix of food offerings that bring the punch of gourmet taste with ease of handling.

It also makes a difference to come into the movie theater early. By arriving a little earlier, you give yourself the ability to review the menu and find the ideal seats. Think of how often a restaurant experience in general can be sensory overload because of the activity of patrons ordering. Luckily, the patrons of dine-in theaters are fairly adept of respecting the new norm of dining etiquette in this setting. You also have to always keep in mind that you’re there to watch a movie. Finding the right seats can make the difference between being blown away or deciding that it might be time to just leave.

One way many theaters are making a name for themselves is offering adult beverages. Now, a glass of good wine or a mug of on-site crafted beer can be had while taking in a film. Again, the idea of something the public may normally do at home with friends and family has made its way into the theater experience, but it’s also important to mind the notion of moderation. Not only are you capable of having an adverse experience by indulging a little too much, but you also fully capable of ruining others’ good time.

The idea of being able to watch a movie while enjoying a meal (maybe even a frosty micro-brew) may seem alien at first, but think of it as a way to rejuvenate the traditional idea of a night out with friends or a special someone.