Selecting an LCD Television Mount

LCD televisions are probably the most popular TV on the market today, and that means there are a wide variety of LCD TV mounts available, including wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and under-cabinet flip mounts.

Although LCD TVs do tend to be a little lighter than some other types, you’ll still want to be mindful of how much your television weighs. You will need to make sure the mount you choose and the surface on which you will install the mount can support the weight of your LCD TV. Wall mounts need to be bolted to wood or metal studs, which are typically spaced 16 inches apart in residential buildings. Concrete or cinder block surfaces will work as well. Ceiling mounts need to be bolted to wood or metal joists, and will also require a ceiling flange and extension pipe.

You might also need to purchase a separate adaptor plate that will allow the bolt pattern on the back of your television to match up with the bolt pattern on your chosen LCD mount.

Many LCD TV wall and ceiling mounts offer swivel and tilt features, making it easy to adjust your television to the perfect angle for your space. Articulating mounts are also quite popular, offering maximum flexibility with their bendable arms.

Some mounts do require that you remove the television from the mount before adjusting the position, so that’s something to keep in mind as you’re shopping around for an LCD wall or ceiling mount with tilt, swivel, or articulating features.

You might also encounter a number of flat mounts, which could be an affordable solution if all you need is a sturdy mount that will hold your LCD television in place on the wall. A desktop or tabletop mount is another option you might consider, depending on the size and how you intend to use your television.

Another popular option for LCD televisions is the under-cabinet flip mount. These are perfect in the kitchen or over a work bench because they allow you to put the TV away when you don’t need it, thereby getting it out of your way and protecting it while cooking or working on a messy DIY project.

There are a variety of wall and ceiling mounts for LCD televisions available today, and with just a little research you’re sure to find the ideal mount for you that fits your TV and your budget.