Sitcom Characters Who Panic When They Find Gray In Their Hair

At a recent reunion of several colleagues, none of whom I had seen in two years, several mentioned that I had grown balder. Another one remarked that the hair I had left had mostly grown grayer, and I had to agree with both observations.

We then pondered which sign of aging was the worse of the two, going bald or going gray. Balding, we concluded, had the financial advantage of needing no haircuts as well as making it harder to detect one’s age.

Being completely gray, we observed, had the advantage of keeping your scalp from getting sunburned in the summer, which could save money one might spend on caps. I even suggested that you could hide gray hair with dye much easier that you could hide baldness with a toupee.

Our unanimous conclusion was that none of us minded either fate that might affect our hair. It was better, as far as we men were concerned, to be gray or bald than to dye or wear a rug.

Unfortunately, finding a gray hair can be the cause of much chagrin for some people, who see in it a sign that the Grim Reaper is creeping gradually closer. Here are some sitcom characters, both males and females, who reacted with panic when they found gray hairs among their locks.

Jesse Katsopolis on Full House

John Stamos plays the favorite uncle of Michelle Tanner (played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olson) takes pride in his hair, so he is mortified when he finds that one strand is gray.

Marge Simpson on The Simpsons

Any wife and mother who put up with the shenanigans of husband Homer and son Bart would most likely sprout gray hair, but Marge has a quite unusual reaction to find a few strands of that shade in an episode titled The Blue and the Gray. Rather than dying it blue to match the rest of her top, Marge dyes it all gray.

Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls

In spite of the title of the show, there is a lot of gray to be seen on it. Two of the stars have grown used to their silver tops, but Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan) is very upset when she encounters a gray strand in an episode called The Rites of Spring.

Henry Blake on MASH

The colonel running the 4077th (played by McLean Stevenson) prepares for a weekend of romance by darkening his hair in an episode appropriately called Henry In Love.

Fred Armisen on Portlandia

In the Going Gray episode the star and writer of the show wakes to find he has gray hair, so he sets out of a quest to ascertain exactly how old he really is.