TV Stand Choices

TV stands range from simple flat screen mounts that sit on your floor to corner units with just a shelf or two to elaborate entertainment centers that can house all your components, CDs, DVDs and records. These days finding a TV stand that fits your d├ęcor, whether it’s modern or traditional, is easy with so many different options available.

Many modern and contemporary stands are sleek and designed to maximize your space. They can be low profile and wide, or they can be just as wide as your television with room to store just a few audio/video components. Corner stands are a great way to save space and are available in many contemporary designs and finishes. Most modern TV stands will offer some amount of storage for your A/V components or collection of movies, but if you truly want all these items in one place you might be better off with an entertainment center.

Many contemporary TV stands are designed to be part of a furniture set, making it easy for you to create a cohesive look in your living room or home theater that’s complete with bookshelves, end tables and coffee tables that coordinate with your TV stand.

If you find that you need to move your flat screen from one room to another, or you just don’t like the look of a console-style TV stand, a simple flat screen mount might be a good fit for you. This is also a good option if you have an antique or vintage piece of furniture that you want to use to house your components, but isn’t quite big enough or sturdy enough to support your new flat screen. Often flat screen mounts offer tilt and/or swivel features, and since it just sits on your floor you can easily move it when you need to. Typically any cables or wires will be concealed inside the metal column that runs down the middle of the stand, so you don’t have to worry about messy wires protruding from your flat screen stand.

Concealed cabinetry with a motorized lift mechanism is a great way to hide your television when not in use. This provides aesthetic and designer appeal without the electronics intruding into your room when not in use. New motorized lift cabinets can hold a wide range of television sizes, and many include concealed space for components as well.

Whatever style TV stand you think you might be interested in, it’s generally recommended that your stand be as wide as your television. This ensures not only that the stand is sturdy enough to bear the weight of your television, but also that your expensive TV doesn’t get knocked over accidentally.